We create innovative body/skin/hair care products with the best natural and organic ingredients. Just like a musician uses music notes to give substance in his own great inspiration and passion! 

The Art of The Creation

There are specific creation stages for every Verolive product until it reaches you. Each one of these stages matters greatly to give an impeccable result.

Our main goal is to create care products for people. People who like to give their natural beauty a special treat! Creation needs attention, care, respect, experience, inspiration and innovation. Putting Crete’s natural treasures in portable packs is really demanding and has its own procedures.

We highly support the philosophy of limited production. As a matter of fact, we don't just make, we create. We create high standard, quality care products using the best natural and organic ingredients. Just like a musician uses music notes to give substance in his own great inspiration and passion.

Just finished off my morning routine with my favorite products from Verolive ! ♡After a long shower there's nothing better than to treat your skin with the amazing body spa cream and for extra hydration I add a few pumps of the wonderful massage oil. I've never tried something like these products, while working with other beauty products everyday. The products from Verolive isn't just extremely hydrating and feels amazing on the skin... they smell amazing as well! A real spa treatment at home with these products!! LOVE! ♡

Nicole A., SWEDEN (SE)
Beauty professional

This company gives fantastic service, I ordered yesterday from UK and got it today wow. Their products are lovely, you must try for yourself. The creams smell delicious and are very skin friendly and feel so nice on the skin and most important natural products. A very friendly service.✨✨✨✨✨


I bought the body spa cream and I really like it. I have never found any cream that is better for my skin.


Franziska S., GERMANY (DE)
living in New York (USA)

I bought my youthful face & eye cream and it is so beautiful!


Our philosophy

The company was founded in 1975 by the Tzortzakakis family. We come from Faneromeni, a small village in the heart of the Messara Valley, which is in the central south coast of the Island of Crete, Greece (GR). 

This Valley is the place of our origins and inspiration to create the Verolive products as a result of culture heritage and our know-how.

What is really distinguishing about the Messara Valley is its endless olive groves! Here, is produced most of the total production of Cretan extra virgin olive oil, which is famous globally for its high quality and its organoleptic characteristics. Having all these available is no coincidence as the climatic conditions are ideal throughout the whole year and the soil is rich of nutritious elements making the cultivation procedure easy.

When we started, we’ve thought that the product should be a piece of art, as this place was the inspiration for creating it. We started making exclusively handmade pure soaps using the cold process soap making method, to keep all the nutrients of the organic olive oil, the essential oils and herbs intact. Therefore, your skin is richly nourished, and your mental state enhanced.

As the years went by, with the support and the expertise of Yannis Tzortzakakis (Chemical Engineer, the second generation) Verolive expanded its products portfolio by developing patented unique formulations using meticulously selected natural, innovative ingredients, and achieving the highest quality by combining the Cretan tradition with the contemporary global cosmetology trends. Added to this, to maintain the highest quality of the Verolive products we’ve acquired the philosophy of limited production.

The Skin Care creation is our form of art, and we can’t compromise with anything less than creating a masterpiece. Therefore, our loyal customers, are not only people that love to offer themselves premium skin care but also spa professionals who show their preference to Verolive products because of their high quality and efficacy. We’ve created spa concept products and created long term successful partnerships with the greatest wellness centers.

We perform our kind of art with ethos, showing high- standard eco care. Every method we perform uses renewable natural resources and the creation of our green natural products is environmentally friendly and has zero waste. We also take into consideration using eco packages and every thorough lab test is only performed in volunteers as we stand against animal testing.

After being for so many years devoted to our philosophy, it still brings an owe to realize through all the conducted scientific tests, that nature gave all we need to take care of ourselves, of our beauty, of our well-being. And nowadays we get even happier to know that people all over Europe and abroad, enjoy the benefits of the Verolive natural spa products because they realize it too.

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